What is Pitchmart?

PitchMart is an annual event available to Ken Rotcop's Screenwriter's Workshop students who really want to work in the business. Ken's writers are given the opportunity to pitch their scripts that have gone through the workshop to Studio and Production company executives, as well as agents and managers on a one-on-one basis. PitchMart will be now held online. The writers will create video pitches and upload them to where executives, producers, managers and agents will have access to view for one week: October 15th until October 19th, 2018.

Out-of-town Writers

Film your pitch from your own home and upload onto our website. 

Pitchmart Format

The PitchMart is an informal event. There will be numerous producers and development executives in attendance with a few agents and/or managers mixed in. We won't have a final list of who's coming until a few days before PitchMart.

After PitchMart is done, the producers/execs/agents/managers submit a list of the scripts that they want to receive. This information is shared with the writers within the following week – either during your regular scheduled workshop or meeting with Ken or via email.

Practice-Your-Pitch Workshop

If you are coming from out-of-town, you are invited to attend Ken’s regularly scheduled workshop. You have the opportunity to talke about your script, practice your pitch with Ken, and listen to pitches from other writers. 

If you are out of town, you may schedule one-on-one time with Ken to practice your pitch.

Private Friday Meeting One-on-One with Ken

If you would like an opportunity to sit down with Ken privately.  Ken offers 1 hour lessons for $100.  If you are planning on meeting with Ken, RSVP so he can schedule you in his calendar. Ken's calendar fills up quickly so don't delay.

Price for PitchMart is $99 for one 2 minute video pitch paid in advance.

Hire an Actor to Pitch

For any writer who doesn't want to film themselves on camera but would still like their script or scripts pitched, Ken has a number of actors and actresses who will video pitch your story for you. If you hire one of our actors or actresses, they will call you and practice your pitch with you before filming. You can also make arrangements with them to read your screenplay, if you like.

The charge to use an actor or actress to video pitch is $100. If you are interested, you will pay Ken the full amount (one payment), and he will then pay the actor or actress their part.  The payment does not include multiple scripts to be pitched.

After the PitchMart, the actor or actress will follow up with a call and share the video link.

The final Online PitchMart results will be sent out via email sometime later that week after the PitchMart.


If you are coming to the Online PitchMart, please contact us.  

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They Are Saying...

“Before you can get someone to read your screenplay you have to know how to pitch them on the idea. Ken Rotcop is the master at teaching writers how to pitch. Remember, it’s all in the pitch!”

Oprah Winfrey The Oprah Winfrey Show

Robert Siegel, All Things Considered, NPR

“Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water and the other third is covered with people who have fabulous ideas for shows if only a producer would give them an opportunity. Ken Rotcop, an award-winning writer and producer, provides a guiding light to this group.”

Robert Siegel, All Things Considered, NPR

Andrea Leigh Wolf

"Mr. Rotcop was the single most influential person I met in those early years in my career. He gave me the courage to go after my dream."

Andrea Leigh Wolf, Author of Sell Your Screenplay: Your Guide To The Independant Film and Television Producer.

“Forget about snappy dialogue, characterization and plot. It’s the pitch that gets a script read and a movie deal done. If it were not for Ken Rotcop, most new writers would be out of the loop.”

John Lippman, Wall Street Journal

“Ken Rotcop is the guru when it comes to teaching writing.”

Starz’ Entertainment Tonight

It's time to dust off that script in your closet and join Ken Rotcop's writer's workshop!

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15 Oct 2018;
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61st Annual PitchMart
15 Oct 2018;
09:00AM - 05:00PM
61st Annual PitchMart

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