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sell your scriptKen Rotcop had weekly workshops in Woodland Hills and met privately with writers, taking their idea to a completed screenplay.

Ken would say, "I challenge all those who take out ads in magazines and newspapers and charge good money for critiquing scripts, claiming to be an expert in guiding new writers when they've merely hung a shingle out that says they're a script consultant.

I challenge them - how many of them have been a creative head of four studios? How many of them have won the Writers Guild Award for their writing? How many of them have won the Neil Simon Award? How many have won an Image Award for producing? How many of them have been featured on Oprah, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, and have had a feature documentary made about their workshop?"

Probably not many. But Ken Rotcop could make these claims as a veteran of the movie business for 40 years and who was still actively involved until the end. In his DVD you'll find the wealth of knowledge that thousands of writers, both novice and professional, have learned from Ken and have used to forward their careers.

Now, in one place, watch over an hour of answers to the 20 most asked questions of Ken from his workshops, seminars, and private consultations.

New: More than 30 minutes of live seminar content added.

In Ken's DVD you'll find the real answers only an award-winning Veteran Hollywood Creative Executive and award winning writer can provide.

20 Questions with Script Guru Ken Rotcop:

  • What would be the perfect pitch for my screenplay?
  • I HATE writing a Synopsis. Do I have to give one to a producer if they request it?
  • How do I go about beginning my script?
  • Other writing instructors and script doctors suggest I follow their particular formula.
  • What do you suggest for writing a script that sells?
  • Do I have to have an agent or manager?
  • How does the Studio System work?
  • How long should a pitch be?
  • 13 more essential questions to give you the best chance to write and sell your screenplay.
  • PLUS! Bonus 21st Most Requested Question answered!

In Memory of Ken.
He will be missed.